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Quality aspects

OGAS® Ships have been handcrafted in our company in Steinach/Germany for over 110 years. Learn more about our values and how our toy ships are made.

Regarding the development and production of our ships quality, play value and production safety always play the central role. With regard to the design of the ships we exclusively use as templates photos and construction plans of original ships but also many samples that were produced during 116 years of history and which serve as template and source of inspiration for new models. Hence they make our design unique.

We exclusively use certified woods from regional forestry.

High-quality, careful choice and sustainability – these are the characteristics that can be attributed to our row materials and all other materials needed for production. For our toy ships and ship models we exclusively use local woods from regional PEFC and FSC certified suppliers’ assuring woods from sustainable regional forestry. All our products and different components, e. g. superstructures, are made of solid wood. We do not use any plywood or glued laminated timber. Moreover we appreciate the valuable row material wood by showing a conscious approach.

Well-chosen colours and lacquers guarantee the natural attributes of the wood.

The colours and lacquers are produced on water-base, are solvent-free, water-resistant and environmentally friendly. Hence the natural features of the row material wood can be preserved as well as experienced by children. Durability and quality represent main attributes of the metal keels used for our sailing ships and boats. Therefore they are refined in a specific process and thus steady protected against rust like the eyelets used for the ships.

An employee painting an Indian-canoe.

All sailing ships and –boats are equipped with sewn and partly complex decorative stitching’s and prints and are made of 100% natural fibres. The assembly of the sails is done by great manual work and care. Naturally the rigging of our sailing ships and yachts is also made by hand. Furthermore, the rigging of our sailing ships and yachts as well of our historic ship models can be readjusted and tightened by moving the knots and guying. The painting of our historical ship models, canoes and other ships and boats is made by hand and great affection to details.

Our ships are produced with great care in manual work. Therefore quality already plays a very important role during each stage of production. Before the delivery the products come under final scrutiny paying special attention to quality.

Pirate boats after quality control.

All our wooden toy ships fulfil the latest security requests for toys DIN-EN 71 part 1-3 and EG guideline 2009/48/EG.

17 of our toy ships were awarded with the “spiel gut” award for their design, quality and their play value by the committee “Kinderspiel und Spielzeug”. Please find enclosed a link for more information about the “spiel gut” award www.spielgut.de

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