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Our production

Follow our employees during the production process and discover some of many steps before a toy ship reaches our customers.

Produktion Schritt 1

The first step represents the draft.

At the circular saw the rods which are made of wooden planks are sawed into various pieces with regard to dimension. Afterwards the particular shape is painted. Finally all ships receive at different machines our unique design (also handicraft!).

Produktion Schritt 2
Produktion Schritt 3

After painting, which comprises several steps, the ships and construction parts receive their unique appearance which is also done by manual work. On the photo the painting of the Indian canoes is shown.

After finishing the hulls, the sails are sewn, stitched or receive different prints.

Produktion Schritt 4
Produktion Schritt 5

After drilling the masts, the sails are mounted by manual work.

Finally the knotting of the rigging is made.

Produktion Schritt 6
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