wellenmuster-wellenwindjammermoewemoeweModel: WindjammerHistorical and
faithful to the original
ship models
windjammermoewemoeweModel: WindjammerHistorical and
faithful to the original
ship models
wellenmuster-wellendrei-mast-bootein-mast-bootmoeweModel: sailing boatsBig to small,
One to two masted
OGAS sailing ships
drei-mast-bootein-mast-bootmoeweModel: sailing boatsBig to small,
One to two masted
OGAS sailing ships
wellenmuster-wellenhistorische-schiffemoewemoeweModel: Historical shipsFrom Vikings to
Columbus - monuments
of history.
historische-schiffemoewemoeweModel: Historical shipsVon Wikinger bis
Kolumbus - Denkmäler
der Geschichte.

OGAS®: Factory for wooden toy ships and historic ship models from Steinach.

Welcome to Germany’s oldest specialist manufacturer of floatable wooden toy ships and historic ship models. Since 1898 we have been building small and large boats, passenger steamers, Zees boats, sailing boats, entire river tugs, yachts, cranes, even Noah’s Ark and much more, of course from the best spruce wood from the Thuringian Forest.

Find out more about the origins and development of our company, which has been family-run for generations, the environmentally friendly production method and, of course, our variety of products, which young and old still play with to this day.

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Awards and Seals

The “spiel gut” seal is one of the most important and renowned awards for good and pedagogically valuable children’s toys in Germany.

Only the best for your child, health and nature through sustainable processing.


More and detailed information here: www.spiele-gut .de


Handmade quality

Since over 110 years is OGAS®, as a family-owned company, one of the leading manufacturer in in floatable wooden toy ships and historical ship models.


Environmentally friendly materials

For it is very important to use healthy and only environmentally beneficial substances depending to wood, adhesives and lacquers.

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Advertising items

Would you like to make your customers a special gift? Why not an original OGAS® ship with your company logo printed.

Latest news

Toy boats are fun toys for children of all ages. They can play with it in the water while improving their motor skills. Discover a selection of wooden boats, barges and sailboats.

Create unforgettable childhood memories with wooden toy ships from OGAS®.

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