Viking Boats

viking- Oseberg Item.- No.: 4022
Barcode: 40 22762 40022 1
Product name: viking- Oseberg
Product dimensions L/H in mm: 130 x 130 mm

The Vikings buried their dead, especially kings and queens, together with their ships over which they erected so-called burial mounds. A most magnificent original Viking boat dating from the 9th century was unearthed from a mound near Oseberg in 1903/04 and is now on display in the Maritime Museum in Oslo.


viking boat   Item.- No.: 4021
  Barcode: 40 22762 40021 4
  Product name: viking boat
  Product dimensions L/H in mm: 150 x 140 mm


viking lamp   Item.- No.: 4023
  Barcode: 40 22762 40023 8
  Product name: viking lamp
  Product dimensions L/H in mm: 330 x 310 mm